Aabout US - Xtarps.com

Xtarps.com, a FJYW company, offers a wide range of tarps made from different materials and meet different usage.

Xtarps.com was established in 2003. From its establishment, the founder of the company emphasizes on product design and development as well as quality control. In short period of time, Xtarps.com has successfully established wide range of product lines covering different kind of applications as well as other commercial and industrial areas. With focus on on quality control and cost management, Xtarps.com is able to offer the quality products at its best price. Xtarps.com proudly provides products and services to US military and other government agencies.

To better serve its customers worldwide, Xtarps.com established its distribution centers in North America and East Asia. Around the world, Xtarps.com has been shipping its products to customers in North America, Australia, South America, Mid-America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Europe.